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Our school was established in 1985 and is one of the oldest schools in Mississauga. We offer a variety of music lessons from piano and guitar to saxophone and flute. We are both a school and a small store where you can find books and accessories. Our store owners supervise the school. If you’re still wondering if you should join us here at Pianos Plus School of Music, we offer 22 reasons why you should:

22 Reasons Why You Should Join Us

1. Family business
2. No registration fees or contracts to sign
3. Fully required music educators
4. Make-up lessons (due to illness or emergency)
5. Practice draws every month with different prizes to encourage practicing
6. Student discounts on instruction books
7. History, harmony and theory lessons – private or group
8. We offer the most reasonable rates in town for private lessons
9. We prepare students for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams grade 1 to ARCT
10. We follow the Royal Conservatory of Music programs
11. We also offer jazz and improvisation lessons
12. We teach all year-round
13. Summary lessons available at special rates
14. All of our studios are equipped with acoustic pianos – the real thing
16. We teach to play piano, guitar (acoustic, electric, classical, bass); flute; violin; voice; viola; cello; clarinet; 
17. We carry all necessary instruction books within the premises for your convenience
18. Our students average always 1 of the highest marks at the Royal Conservatory of Music exams
19. Yearly recitals
20. Official receipts for tax purposes
21. Flexible payment plans
22. We listen to your concerns and care!